Kashmir Tour Packages: Offering a Glimpse of the Most Enticing Lakes

Kashmir the land of perennial water-bodies, lush forests laden with chinar trees, undying spiritual solace, elegance and grace is most rightly known as the ‘Only Paradise on Earth’. When the plains were boiling with summer heat the Mughal Emperors would find it most appropriate to move to the verdant valley of Kashmir and relinquish all their worries into the lap of Mother Nature. Till date tired from mundane life-course and fatigued with traffic and pollution of cities many travelers head for Kashmir tours in search of solace and tranquility. Almost surreal to the naked eye Kashmir is blessed with angelic beauty and it showers its riches upon every visitor picking tours to Kashmir for their well-deserved holiday.

Escape to the pristine valley for the most memorable holiday of your life and you will return with most memories indeed. On your Kashmir tours don’t miss out on following highlights of the region: Kashmir budget tours

Shikara Ride on Stunning Dal Lake: Obtrusively beautiful, Dal Lake is one of the prettiest lakes in North India. An indispensable part of all Kashmir tours, a houseboat ride on Dal Lake takes you closer to the tranquilizing effect of Kashmir Valley. Embark up on a traditional Shikara boat and be prepared for a romantic rendezvous with your beloved spouse. Beauteous Shikara glides swiftly into the scenic beauty of Kashmir studded both sides with gorgeous Mughal gardens and enchanting panorama.

A Walk to Remember at Gorgeous Shalimar & Nishat Gardens: Renowned Mughal Gardens- Shalimar and Nishat Bagh in Kashmir are great specimen of zenith of Mughal horticulture. The typical features of Mughal horticulture such as pools, fountains and canals are constructed inside these gardens to enhance the already stunning natural beauty of the gardens. Shalimar Bagh was built on the orders of Mughal Emperor Jahangir for his wife Nur Jahan and is a spectacular garden ideal to enjoy nature walks for a romantic effect.

Shopping for Kashmiri Handicrafts: An extremely elegant scenery, Kashmir is also a great place to enjoy a shopping spree. Best known for exquisite handlooms Kashmir produces exquisite handlooms recognized worldwide for their intricate designing, innovative artistry and great patterns with diverse colors. To give the perfect closure to your Kashmir tour head for shopping spree and you will find ample amount of reasons to shop for exquisite hand-woven shawls, elegant pottery, carpets, antiques and more.

Visit to Renowned Holy Shrines: Kashmir is where divinity prevails in every corner. Those on a quest for serenity and complete solace on their tours to Kashmir must make a visit to numerous holy shrines in this Himalayan region to pay tribute to the native deity and some even visit them to observe local cultural practices.

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